Styling With Puddle Drapery

One must consider various things while selecting or styling a custom drapery. You must consider the main factor that for what duration of time you are going to have a custom drapery. Or are you willing panels to touch the floor. Do you want it to be a little sleek, or do you want them to puddle?

Having a puddle drapery can be the best choice for your space let us find out some tips on how to style puddles drapery:


Hiding imperfections:

It is possible that you may have uneven floors, which can be possible to have in your older homes, you can also use affordable roman blinds that touches the floor can hide these imperfections. The height of the roman blinds must vary from 1 to 4 inches which can help to hide the unevenness of the floor and by which a home looks cleaner and even. The fabric of the puddle should touch the floor or should be just half or an inch above from the surface of the floor.

Even different types of curtains can be used those are having a shorter panel of the window which can be used in kitchen or bathroom where there is n need for longer drapes. You must consider the height of the rod which can become easy to decide the height of the curtains.

Puddle drapery is mainly used to add glamour and attractive look to your home. It is after all your choice, for which puddle drapery to go for and also which best suits your home and your pocket as well. The prizes of the draperies vary with its quality, size, fabric and fancy looks. As the name suggests, draperies actually drape your whole window. Usually arranged on a rod situated at the upper side of the window.

There are both types’ draperies available from looking casual ones to formal. Latest ongoing fashion if puddling is matching two different types of colored fabrics that best suits the interior of that bedroom or living room. There is yet another type of puddling in which two different types and fabric made puddles are gathered and arranged properly. It is one of the most used and famous styles which usually suit every home interior and the user finds it cost-effective as well as a style that gives a classic look to the living area at the same time.

Understated elegance:

You can have a design-oriented decision by selecting a puddle drapery. If you wish to have a window treatment for formal spaces such as living room, dining room, a master bedroom that can be the perfect option for you. It helps to add understated elegance to any type of window and can become the best option for casual space.

Dress to impress:

It is necessary that your panels should look neat in order to keep your puddles unintentional. You can utilize the steamer to keep folds crisp, and puddle can be dressed whenever required. The above-mentioned tips will help your drapery look beautiful tailored and custom.