Techniques To Feed a Toddler

It is always important that your toddler must learn healthy eating habits. For that, you must offer him a healthy food. He does not need junk or sweet food at all. What a toddler eats is totally depends on their overall bonding with the food. You should let him take his decisions on whether to have a particular food or not.


Basic rule:

You make a choice what kind of food your toddler is going to have.

Let him decide what he wants to have and when


Every one among us knows how much we want in a meal, and when we are hungry. But when we try to pressurize our children, it is sure that we are going to make them handicap for the rest of their life and make them unable to make their own timetable of eating.

Toddlers usually do not need much intake. At times they eat a lot one day and a little on the next day. But they are not going to keep themselves hungry for sure. You should not force them on how much amount he needs to eat. As it is their body and they are supposed to decide how much they want.

What is your goal?

In order to eliminate power struggle try to give him a control over the food. At the same time, the food you are going to offer must be healthy and tasty as well.

Your strategy:

Try to introduce sweet as much lately as you can rather try not to keep sweet at home. Every meal should have plenty of healthy food. Let your toddler eat on his own. Do not offer any food reward which can result in overeating in the future. Do not distract them while eating, and take them for a bath after every meal, as it is sure that they are going to mess everything.


A toddler has little appetite and they are in need of having various tiny meals throughout the day. A snack is a solution, but the healthy ones. Snack can be a portion of food which you want them to have at a meal time. It can be crackers with peanut butter soup, boiled eggs, a cut up fruit, steamed broccoli, or yogurt.

There are many toddlers who eat less at the daytime and feel hungry in bedtime. So in order to avoid your impatience, it is important that you must include a bedtime snack in your schedule as well. A bedtime snack allows children to settle down easily and led to a sound sleep. A combination of a snack with a story is always the best idea. here you can find some colorful placemats which can increase your toddler’s appetite.

Picky Eater:

This phase is faced by many toddlers and which is quite common. Their brains tend to think that only familiar food is safe and unfamiliar is poisonous. Avoid making a different meal just for your toddler as it will send a wrong message. You should serve a plenty of healthy food and decision is there on which to give a try. If you have made a meal which is not liked by a toddler, then you can put some extras things on the dinner table as well such as boiled eggs, cheese slice, and veggies.

Do not worried if your toddler I a picky eater. It is rare if you are offering them a wide range of variety in every meal, so they are not going to have addiction of junk food. They should learn to enjoy every taste whether it is bitter. In the end, a child is going to eat the same food, he sees their parents eating.